Upholstery Cleaning

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Whether you have little kids or pets, lots of visitors or may be live with a heavy smoker, you know that your upholstery is going to be due for a cleaning sometime soon. Dust, pollen, pet hairs, food spills and just about everything else in the universe seems to be conspiring to do a number on your couch, but you don’t have to just get used to it.

With Advantage Chem-Dry’s cleaning the lifespan of your upholstery is lengthened considerably and it also provides an in depth cleaning to remove all vestiges of your pets, kids, beloved visitors and living mates from the fibers of your furniture.

Clean Upholstery the Green Way

Chem-dry products designed for cleaning upholstery use the same natural deep cleaning carbonated formula used to deep clean rugs and carpets. This means that the process of cleaning your upholstery will be done quickly, dry faster and leave no harmful chemical residue that could be accidentally ingested or inhaled by little kids.

Take a moment to envision the millions and millions of fibers and intertwined threads that make up the fabric of upholstery on a microscopic scale. Over time the fiber attracts and soaks up a good amount of dust, odor and grime.

Now envision the millions of tiny bubbles unleashed on the fabric to get into those tightly threaded fabrics to dislodge all that grime and dust as well as clean the individual fibers leaving the whole upholstery looking, smelling and feeling like new.

This 100% Natural method of cleaning works effectively on all types of upholstered furnishings, even mattresses and futons can be cleaned this way.

Sanitize and Deodorize with Chem-Dry to Eliminate Allergens and Bacteria

Do you or does anyone you live with suffer from respiratory problems like sinusitis or asthma? Do you have kids who spend a lot of time with their face and nose pressed into the upholstery or rolling around on the carpet?

As comfortable as the couch and carpet can be for romping and resting, these soft fibers make a perfect habitat for fungi, bacteria and mites that can cause all a variety of health issues you would do best to avoid.

In order to protect the residents of your living quarters safe from these microscopic intruders it is essential to have these items routinely cleaned. Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning has been proven– in a laboratory –to remove as much as 98.1% of all allergens and bacteria from soft fabric furnishings including, cushions, carpets and couches.

Fight Inevitable Stains with Advantage Chem-Dry

With all the action upholstery can see it’s almost impossible to avoid stains, unless you have kids and/or pets, in which case it truly is impossible. But once you see how a stain is addressed with the application of a Chem-Dry solution and.. You will hardly believe it… Coffee, Wine, Chocolate and even cheesy finger marks, Gone!

Upholstery that is regularly cleaned is not as susceptible to becoming stained either, which is another advantage of maintaining your valuable possessions with a cleaning method that increases the longevity of your investments.