Farmington Utah Rug Cleaning

Professional carpet and rug cleaners will typically use one of three primary methods. These are hot carbonated extraction, steam cleaning, and spray on additives.  When it comes to getting your carpets or rugs completely clean and ensuring they stay clean, the hot carbonated method is easily the best.  In the Farmington Utah area, Advantage Chem-Dry uses the patented Chem-Dry method of rug cleaning to provide a healthy, environmentally safe cleaning for any rug or carpet. With both in-house and plant cleaning technology, we can clean any carpet or rug.  We are the Farmington Utah Rug Cleaning company to call.
Rug Cleaning Methods
Steam cleaning is one of the most common methods of cleaning rugs and carpets.  While popular, steam cleaning is not all that effective. Steam cleaning requires gallons of hot water be used to saturate the rug.  This dirty water is then sucked out of the rug using a high-pressure vacuum.  Since it is not possible to get all this water out of the rug or carpet, it leaves the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.
Additionally, steam cleaning is essentially trying to clean your carpet or rug with water.  This does not work well on your clothes, so why would it work on  your rugs or carpet?  This is why many steam cleaning companies use chemicals, additives, and detergents which can leave a sticky residue behind on your rugs and carpets.  This residue can actually attract more dirt, creating more stains and causing old stains to reappear.  The best Farmington Utah Rug Cleaning Service, Advantage Chem-Dry leaves your carpets clean with no sticky residue left behind.
Spray-On Additives
Some carpet cleaning companies use a dry spray-on additive to coat the rug or carpet.  This additive is a chemical cleaner which is then vacuumed several times to remove the dirt from the rug or carpet.  Spray-on additives leave behind chemical residue which can trap more dirt while the extensive vacuuming pushes the dirt more deeply into the carpet.  While the carpet may appear clean after the service, the dirt is still in the rug and it is just a matter of time before the smell and dirt returns.
The best way to ensure you are getting a clean carpet is to use a Chem-Dry franchise company.  In Farmington Utah, this is Advantage Chem-Dry.  We not only clean your carpets in your home, but we can also clean rugs at our cleaning plant, both using the same, patented Chem-Dry process.  Because of the larger capacity at the cleaning plant, we can provide a better cleaning if the rugs go to the plant. We realize that this is not possible with carpeting, so we bring all the technology and benefits of the Chem-Dry process to your home.
Chem-Dry uses the incredible power of organic hot carbonated water as our cleaning method.  Millions of microscopic bubbles are sent shooting into your carpet or rug and blast away the dirt.  This powerful carpet and rug cleaning method ensures no dirt or sticky residue is left behind.  Your carpet is clean and fresh using a system that requires only one-fifth the water used by the steam cleaning method.
Carbonated water extraction works down at the molecular level, lifting away dirt particles and raising them to the surface of the rug or carpet.  They are then extracted by our Chem-Dry trained professionals.  Much less pressure is required to extract all the dirt because the carbonated bubbles push the dirt to the surface.  This lessens the potential for damage to your rugs or carpet.
The secret to the Chem-Dry method is using carbonated hot water to break down the bonds between the dirt and the fibers of your carpet or rug.  While water alone can be used as a solvent in some cases, there are many dyes, fats, and types of soil which do not come out of a carpet or rug using just water.  If the bond between these materials and the carpet fibers is not broken, your carpet will never be really clean.
Most carpet and rug cleaning companies add some type of chemical additive or detergent to break down these bonds.  When these products are used, a sticky residue which can actually attract more dirt is left behind. This completely defeats the purpose of getting your rug or carpet cleaned in the first place.  When your carpet is not completely clean, the residue left behind can cause eye irritation and respiratory problems.
This is why the best Farmington Utah rug cleaning company uses the Chem-Dry method.  We believe that everyone deserves clean rugs and carpets.  This is why we offer two options for cleaning rugs and carpets: our in-home service or our plant service.  We can visit your home and completely clean all your rugs and carpets, leaving them clean and fresh.  We can also take your rugs to our plant and clean them using the Chem-Dry method. This is a good choice if you have delicate rugs that need special handling.  They are cleaned using gentle methods and come out looking great.
Since the Chem-Dry method uses no added chemicals or detergents, it is a completely natural and organic way to clean your rugs and carpets. As an additional benefit, both to you and to the environment, the Chem-Dry method is so efficient that it provides an extraordinary clean using only one-fifth the water of steam cleaning.  This not only saves water but also allows your carpet and rugs to dry quickly.  There is no sticky residue left behind to trap dirt or retain odors.  Additionally, because the Chem-Dry method cleans your rugs and carpet so thoroughly, stains do not reappear. Since our method uses so little water, your carpets and rugs are quickly dry and you can get back to the business of family and life.
There is no better rug and carpet cleaning method than the Chem-Dry hot carbonated water method.  Advantage Chem-Dry, the best Farmington Utah Rug Cleaning company will provide you the cleanest carpets possible and guarantee they will stay that way.