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Customer Testimonials

“Great! Outstanding job. They got all of the stains out.”
– Judy K., Murray, Utah

Having Your Carpet Cleaning Done the Right Way

If you are interested in keeping your home clean and safe, then it is vital that you ensure your carpets are cleaned regularly. While vacuuming can remove some dirt, pet hair and other debris, you need a deep cleaning on a regular basis to remove allergens and microscopic pathogens. While there are many different ways that you can do this, the best choice is Advantage Chem-Dry.

Advantage Chem-Dry Uses Green Cleaning Methods

When you utilize our cleaning methods which include a green-certified solution, you can rest assured that you and your family are safer than if you relied upon chemically based substances for your carpet cleaning services. Pets, elderly and those with allergies will appreciate the natural solution which removes 98% of the allergens that are commonly found in households and 89% of the airborne bacterial agents in the home. Free from harsh soaps and detergents, the process relies upon 80% less water than typical cleaning processes, which is better for the environment, and dries more quickly. You can use your home again sooner while knowing that you selected a healthy option for cleaning your home and taking care of your family.

Reduced Water Use Lowers Your Chance of Mold

For residential customers, we offer carpet cleaning that utilizes carbonation to remove allergens and other debris from your carpets with a minimal amount of water. The reduction in water use also reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth beneath the carpet surface, which is possible with traditional steam cleaners.

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Additionally, we can make your area rugs look new again. While you can shake out some surface dirt each week, you need to allow us to clean your rugs regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt beneath the surface. These small pieces of debris increase the wear and tear on your rugs over time, resulting in dull and bare spots. Our process will remove the contaminants while preserving the fiber color and texture.

Salt Lake City & Ogden Utah Upholstery Cleaning

We perform upholstery cleaning to keep your furniture clean and fresh. Your chairs, couches and loveseats are all breeding grounds for germs. These areas get wet and dirty from clothing, dropped food and rambunctious animals. We can remove the grime that has accumulated in these furnishing to give them a fresh, new look.

Spot Cleaning

Our specialty removal services include spots. If you have a spilled bottle of wine or a leaky pen mess, we can evaluate the situation and determine the best way to return your carpet, rug or upholstery to new again.

P.U.R.T. – Pet Urine Removal Treatment

Additionally, we can remove the odors associated with pet ownership. While cats and dogs are beloved family members, they can also shed and leave unpleasant odors in carpeting, furniture and throughout your home. We use a revolutionary cleaning system to chemically destroy the odors left in your home. The Pet Urine Removal Treatment leaves a clean and refreshing scent.

If you are interested in these or our other services, such as leather cleaning and restoration, contact us today and arrange for a consultation with one of our professional representatives and a quote.

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